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Initial Rhyme progress

I finished the Elsa costume for my friend’s daughter, so now I can switch gears and start on Rhyme!

I started with Rhyme’s shorts/overalls. I have the bottom shorts part finished and am working on adding the overalls part next. I basically made some baggy shorts with front and back pockets. I used twill and lined it with broadcloth to make sure it wasn’t see-through.



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And this year for Halloween…

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you might have seen me post this photo:


It’s an Elsa costume in progress! It’s for a friend/coworker’s daughter, who is 9 years old, and it’ll be her Halloween costume this year :) The skirt isn’t hemmed yet because I’m waiting for a fitting with her to double check the length.

The skirt is made with Stretch Charmeuse Satin, and the top is made with Stretch Panne Velvet. We decided not to go the sequins route since that would be very time consuming and expensive for a children’s Halloween costume.

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Shiki’s boots

I’m back from A-kon! I’m still figuring out where all the photos from photoshoots are, so I will update later with pictures from the con. For now, here’s how I made Shiki’s boots! I also have a request for a tutorial on Sakura’s gloves which I’ll work on next :3

These are the base shoes. I asked my friend Jess to just buy cheap heels, and she found these for $4 on eBay. I wish they were rounded instead of pointy, but it still worked.
Base shoes

I started by using muslin fabric and pinned it over my leg and shoe. I cut it out in that shape afterwards and used it as a pattern.

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