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Neku’s shoes

Looking back on my progress pictures of the shoes, I’ve realized I didn’t take as many as I had planned to, so I will do my best in explaining! Half of the materials used were just chosen because I happen to have them around.

The materials!
– flip flops
– fabric: dark blue and purple (or blue)
– bias tape: yellow (double fold), white, dark blue, black
– 8 yellow buttons
– craft foam
– glue: hot glue and fabric glue
–  heat n bond (or interfacing)

Yes, I know hot glue and fabric glue aren’t the best adhesives for footwear, but… they worked and the shoes haven’t fallen apart yet!

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Con over, wig recap

Well, another con over! AnimeFest was a lot of fun, and we used our Neku and Beat costumes again. Here is one of my favorite pics from it!


My con pics are here and the rest of our photoshoot is here.

I remade a couple things on the costume, and I’m especially glad I re-styled the wig. I washed it out and redid both the spikes in the back and the bangs. Here’s a comparison between last time’s wig and the wig now.


I’m so much happier with the new styling when I compare the pictures like that XD;; Here are a couple more pictures that show the back and top of the wig.


I also completely redid my shoes, which I’ll write about in another post!

Remakes and new starts

I haven’t posted in a while because I actually haven’t spent any time on my cosplays lately. With AnimeFest coming up soon, it’s time I get back into gear and remake parts of our Neku and Beat costumes!

I decided to remake Neku’s music player and all of Beat’s charms. I wasn’t a fan of the air dry clay I used before, so I tried Crayola Model Magic this time. It seemed a lot easier to use! I’m just waiting for them to dry now before painting. I made 2 of each to try slightly different sizes.


I also started a bit on my next cosplay, which is Sakura from Street Fighter. I started pleating her skirt out of left over blue Kona cotton I had.


For the wig, I bought New Look’s Maxine wig in 8 (medium brown). I’ll have to cut it to match Sakura’s style and length.