Final stretch

October 24th, 2014

I am 99% done with my Rhyme costume! The missing 1% is her necklace because I haven’t found a small bell to use yet. Everything else is done now though :)


I did end up dyeing the shirt one more time, and now I’m really happy with the color. It looks very similar to the color in her artwork, where it’s not quite orange or pink, but somewhere inbetween, like a salmon color.

I originally bought iron-on printer paper for the logo, but I didn’t use it. Both parts (the skull and the crossbones) were larger than the paper. Plus, I was reading reviews on how the color might bleed or ruin the shirt, which scared me. I went with the good ol’ Heat n’ Bond, which has always been trustworthy for me. I ironed it to some black cotton first, then ironed it to the shirt.


Fortunately, I didn’t have to vector the design myself. Back when I was cosplaying Neku, I read many TWEWY threads on and remembered this post in particular. Many thanks to Pollux for sharing it!

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Almost there

October 19th, 2014

I’m getting pretty close on finishing my Rhyme cosplay! Here’s what I have so far.


Since last time I’ve…

  • trimmed the bangs on the wig
  • dyed the shirt
  • made the hat
  • made the skull pin

I dyed the shirt twice so far, and I’m considering putting it into a dye bath again. When the shirt is wet, I feel like the color is perfect, but of course when it dries, it looks lighter. I’d like the color to be just a tad darker.

The first time I dyed it, I used 1/2 teaspoon tangerine and 1 teaspoon tan. The color was too peachy and then too much of it washed out, so it was too light. The second time, I used equal parts tangerine and tan (1/2 teaspoon each), which got it a bit darker and to the right color. I might repeat that last step one more time.

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Rhyme’s shirt progress

October 15th, 2014

I’ve finished sewing Rhyme’s shirt! I started with white cotton jersey, so that I could dye it to the right color afterwards. I ran into the same problem I had with Zia’s fabrics. When I found a fabric with the color I liked, it wasn’t the right type of fabric and vice versa.


You might also be wondering why I bothered to sew her shirt instead of buying one. I wanted the fit to be close to how she’s drawn.

  • I made the shirt fitted towards the top, but it flares out towards the bottom.
  • The sleeves are long and go past my knuckles.
  • The collar is wider than usual.
  • The shoulder is wider so that the sleeves start past my shoulder.


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