Portal 2 boots

It’s been a few years since I made my Portal costume for Halloween, and I decided to re-visit it this year! Back then, I made the jumpsuit and then quickly made long fall blades out of foam. Since then, I’ve been wanting to go back and either re-make the Portal 1 blades or make the Portal 2 long fall boots. I decided on the Portal 2 version this year!

Note: Though I’m going to show how I made them in this entry, I’ll say that if I ever wore them again, I’d probably redo the whole thing. I only gave myself a few days to make these, so they were rushed, and the blades didn’t work out as I would have liked. I have notes at the end on the changes I’d like to make for next time.

To start, I made boot covers using stretch vinyl for the base boot part. I actually used the same base pattern from my Tashigi boot covers and altered them for Chell. I used a stronger fabric for the bottom this time, which is pleather, and then I stuck a shoe grip to it.

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Punk Hazard Tashigi – finished

Hurray! I finished my Punk Hazard Tashigi cosplay!

In this entry, I’ll go over all the leftover parts, which are the gloves, pants, wig, and boots. I’ll start with the easy ones first, which are the pants and gloves. Both are bought and then altered. On the pants, I just cut and hemmed a pair of jeans. On the gloves, I added the white hem by hand sewing some cotton jersey at the end.

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Lots of McCree

My friend (Ross) and I decided to spend our Memorial Day off by working on cosplay all day! We tried to finish as much as his McCree cosplay in a day as possible.

The past week, Ross had been priming the chest and back armor with many layers of Gesso. The first thing we did was to sand it smooth.

Then we spray painted them with black as the base color. After the paint dried, we hand painted them with acrylic paints. It’s subtle, but we used different grays to gradient where we thought shadows and highlights should be, which adds a bit of depth. (Some of the shadows you see look like they’re from the lighting, but they are actually painted a darker color.)

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