A-kon and Tashigi debut

I was at A-kon in Dallas last weekend! I debuted my Tashigi costume there, and I also brought my Rhyme costume. I mentioned that I was going to try for another new costume, but I ended up not doing it. That worked out though because I was able to wear Tashigi for both One Piece meet-ups, which were a lot of fun!


I was able to find a few other Marine cosplayers to take photos with, and I met so many other One Piece cosplayers. My full gallery of photos from A-kon are in this Flickr album! Check it out for more photos from the meet-ups and other cosplays I saw around the convention.

I also wanted nice photos of my cosplay, so I booked a shoot with BTSE Photo on Sunday. Barry was great to work with, and I’m really excited to see all of the photos later :D I already have a preview from it too!


Now that I’ve actually worn the cosplay to a convention and have more photos, I’ve updated my Tashigi costume page. I also hope to get back into the swing of things this month. I kind of got burnt out after making Tashigi, which is why I didn’t finish another cosplay. However, I have one that I’d like to finish before August, so time to get back into the sewing room!

Tashigi, finished

I finished my Tashigi costume!


I said before that I wanted a new wig, but I decided to go back to the original wig I bought after all. The new one I received ended up not working out. That’s ok though, because I think this one still looks ok. I just wish I could do more with the bangs.

Since last time, I had these pieces left: the shirt, gloves, and some way to attach the sword to my pants. I’m going to go over these parts now!

Here’s how the shirt looks on its own, and it’s made with a cotton blend:


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Shigure, finished

You read that right. I finished Tashigi’s sword!!! Aahhh, I’m so excited that it’s done :D


Since my last entry, the handle was the last thing I had to do, so I’ll go over that now. In my first progress entry, I mentioned that I covered the handle in clay, smoothed it out with Gesso, and then spray painted it white.

After that, I added a gold band around the bottom. As usual, I started with a craft foam base with hot glue for the dots, and then I covered it with Worbla. Next was Gesso, sanding, and painting, which is what I’ve been doing for pretty much every gold piece on the sword.


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