New year, new cosplays

Happy new year everyone! I know it’s been a few months since my last post, and I totally plan on adding more photos and entries about my Phi costume, but for now, I wanted to give an update on my 2016 plans.

I’ve updated my costumes page. I finally removed Silica from the list, which I never made any real progress on. Unfortunately, as I lost interest in Sword Art Online, I also lost motivation to do the cosplay.

This year, I decided to focus on an Anime I love and continue to follow, which is One Piece! Last year, I started having interest in cosplaying Tashigi. At first, it was because of her Punk Hazard outfit (timeskip), and now I want to do her Alabasta version (pre-timeskip) too. I’m doing the Alabasta one first.

I don’t have any fabric for it yet, but I do have the wig and glasses.


Sorry for the crappy phone photo! I plan on taking better photos after I style the wig. That’s how it is out of the bag.

The wig is the Katinka from Arda Wigs in their “raven” color. I love that it has both blue and black fibers! I feel like that’s perfect for Tashigi. Right now, I’m straightening it with the hot water method, and then I’ll cut and style it afterwards.

The glasses are frames by Steve Madden. I was originally looking for cheap frames that I could put non-prescription lenses in, then I saw this one and fell in love with the color. I ended up ordering them with my prescription so that I could use them for both cosplay and every day use.

Anyway, that’s it for now! After I style the wig, I’ll start drafting the pattern for Tashigi’s jacket. I also have another Phi entry planned once I get around to taking photos.

Phi’s pendant

While I was shopping at Jo-ann, I was in the jewelry section and saw this pendant. It was actually broken, such that the face was detached from the metal looking part. That’s when I thought, PERFECT! I only wanted the face part anyway!


So, I bought it and then traced the face part on some paper. I sketched the rest of the pendant around it as a guide of what I wanted to make.


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Phi and Rhyme updates

I just got back from a weekend at AnimeFest! I finished my Phi costume in time for it, so I’ll be adding more entries on how I made pieces of her costume. I forgot to take photos of myself at the con though. After I clean and repair the costume, I’ll take some full body shots to show. (Yes, “repair” because I was careless and damaged the pendant and bracelet.)

Here is a photo I did before I finished everything though. I did a close-up photo since I didn’t have the pendant and boots done yet.


I also wore my Rhyme costume and finally put together a bell necklace. It’s just a small bell I found at Hobby Lobby, so it’s not accurate to what Rhyme actually wears. One day I’ll make a better one! I found a TWEWY group at the con, and they had everyone except Rhyme. This is the first time I’ve gotten a photo of all 5 characters!

Since Phi is done now, I moved my Phi costume page into the “Completed” category. I will change the banner image once I get more photos of it. I also added those con photos above to my Rhyme costume page.

The next entry I’m writing up is about how I made Phi’s pendant!