Phi’s skirt progress

I’m mostly done with Phi’s skirt! This is what I have so far:


This is actually the second one I’ve made. The first one came out a bit too short and too poofy. It was easier for me to just start over on another one than to try to alter the first one.

I used Kona cotton in black and peacock blue, and I used this bubble skirt tutorial as my guide. I went with a bubble skirt because Phi’s skirt seems to be gathered and a bit puffy which… is pretty much a bubble skirt!

The first thing I did was cut out the parts I needed:


  • A. Waistband
    Width = widest part of my hip (since I’m using elastic)
    Length = 2 x waistband length (to fold over)
  • B. Lining
    Width = waistband width
    Length = Skirt length – waistband length – 4 inches
  • C. Outer skirt
    Width = a little over double the waistband width
    Length of black part = Skirt length – waistband length – 2 inches
    Length of blue part = 6 inches = 2 inches (bottom of the skirt) + 4 inches (to fold over and attach to lining)

Note: I added seam allowance to all measurements above.

The waistband might look a little funny because the ends have extra length. I wanted to give extra length to the back of the skirt (because, you know, butts stick out a little), so I added the extra length to the waistband.

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New layout and new project

This site has a new layout! It’s been a few years since the last change, so I figured it was about time :) I wanted to feature my cosplay in the header this time, and I also updated the look and format of all costume pages. This site is a responsive now too, so it’ll look better in mobile!

I was hoping a new look would motivate me to work on cosplay again, and I think it has. I’m now looking into a new costume to wear for San Japan or AnimeFest this year. I’m working on Phi from Zero Escape!

So far, I only have small bits of progress:

  • started drafting the pattern for her jacket
  • bought black Kona cotton for her skirt
  • bought some rings for her necklace

I’m trying to decide on which blue color to use for her skirt. Many months ago, I ordered several blue swatches, and I still can’t decide which color I like the best:


They are also in Kona cotton. I know this fabric easily wrinkles, but I actually want that crinkly look this time around. I plan on following this bubble skirt tutorial to make Phi’s skirt.

I’m also having a hard time deciding on what type of fabric to use for jacket, so I’m still browsing around. Tomorrow I should be going to Old Navy to buy tank tops in white and black though!

New photos

Sorry for the lack in updates! I actually haven’t been working on anything new lately because I’ve been focusing on cosplay photography instead. I spent January post processing photos from Ikkicon, and I’m about to do another cosplay photoshoot too.

This means new photos of my own cosplays as well! I have a wireless release for my DSLR, so I’m able to trigger it remotely and basically take selfies XD;;

First, I did a Haku shoot for Christmas. It has 3 parts, so click here for the full image.


Then I did a black and white photo of my Knives Chau costume as part of my Project 52.


I do plan on starting a new cosplay project very soon. Hopefully I’ll have some progress photos up in March!