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Portal 2 boots

It’s been a few years since I made my Portal costume for Halloween, and I decided to re-visit it this year! Back then, I made the jumpsuit and then quickly made long fall blades out of foam. Since then, I’ve been wanting to go back and either re-make the Portal 1 blades or make the Portal 2 long fall boots. I decided on the Portal 2 version this year!

Note: Though I’m going to show how I made them in this entry, I’ll say that if I ever wore them again, I’d probably redo the whole thing. I only gave myself a few days to make these, so they were rushed, and the blades didn’t work out as I would have liked. I have notes at the end on the changes I’d like to make for next time.

To start, I made boot covers using stretch vinyl for the base boot part. I actually used the same base pattern from my Tashigi boot covers and altered them for Chell. I used a stronger fabric for the bottom this time, which is pleather, and then I stuck a shoe grip to it.

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Yesssss I finally have one

Have what? A Portal gun!


I actually tried to get one of these 1:1 scale replicas back when I first made my Chell costume, but they were sold out. Only the miniature version was still around at the time. They were also a limited edition thing, so I wasn’t expecting them to have more stock.

But… it’s been re-released! And it’s customizable this time!

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Portal 1 version – finished

Tada! The jumpsuit is finished! I wore it as Chell’s Portal 1 version for Halloween and also made some long fall blades for my legs.


I didn’t add much from what I posted last entry. I just added two pockets (front and back) and the Aperture name tag.


For the name tag, I used fabric markers and just wrote it on some white fabric, which I sewed on afterwards. The pockets have light interfacing behind them and are bordered with thin bias tape.

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