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New photos

Sorry for the lack in updates! I actually haven’t been working on anything new lately because I’ve been focusing on cosplay photography instead. I spent January post processing photos from Ikkicon, and I’m about to do another cosplay photoshoot too.

This means new photos of my own cosplays as well! I have a wireless release for my DSLR, so I’m able to trigger it remotely and basically take selfies XD;;

First, I did a Haku shoot for Christmas. It has 3 parts, so click here for the full image.


Then I did a black and white photo of my Knives Chau costume as part of my Project 52.


I do plan on starting a new cosplay project very soon. Hopefully I’ll have some progress photos up in March!

Two down, one to go

Chihiro is finished now, which means I have two completed Spirited Away costumes!


Well, Haku’s wig is still a bit long, but I’m scared of cutting it. It’s so straight and even right now. What if I mess it up??! I haven’t decided whether to give it a trim or just leave it as is.

In my last entry, I finished Chihiro’s pants. Now I have her top finished too. I don’t really have much to say about its construction because I really just used my Haku pattern (top, undershirt) but with a few adjustments.


And so, Haku is for me. Chihiro is for Jessie. I now have a month left to make a No Face costume for Jack before A-kon. I hope I can make it in time!

Haku revisited

I think I mentioned before that I wanted to re-do some things on my Haku costume. Well, that’s what I’ve been doing recently!

I really just wanted to make adjustments to the white top. I didn’t make changes to the undershirt or pants, other than using my serger on the inside. Here is what I posted on Instagram when I first started. You can see that I was taking apart the collar and sleeves.


Changes I made:

  • Some things I just took apart to sew again with better stitches.
  • Adjusted the shape of the sleeves and sewed them back on a little differently.
  • I felt the white top was too wide, so I took it in by an inch on each side.
  • Improved the way the collar was sewn on and also added an extra section of velcro.


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