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Phi and Rhyme updates

I just got back from a weekend at AnimeFest! I finished my Phi costume in time for it, so I’ll be adding more entries on how I made pieces of her costume. I forgot to take photos of myself at the con though. After I clean and repair the costume, I’ll take some full body shots to show. (Yes, “repair” because I was careless and damaged the pendant and bracelet.)

Here is a photo I did before I finished everything though. I did a close-up photo since I didn’t have the pendant and boots done yet.


I also wore my Rhyme costume and finally put together a bell necklace. It’s just a small bell I found at Hobby Lobby, so it’s not accurate to what Rhyme actually wears. One day I’ll make a better one! I found a TWEWY group at the con, and they had everyone except Rhyme. This is the first time I’ve gotten a photo of all 5 characters!

Since Phi is done now, I moved my Phi costume page into the “Completed” category. I will change the banner image once I get more photos of it. I also added those con photos above to my Rhyme costume page.

The next entry I’m writing up is about how I made Phi’s pendant!

Rhyme in Shibuya

I just got back from a 2 week trip in Japan! I loved it there, and I plan to write a lot about it soon on my other blog :) The trip is actually why I was working on a Rhyme costume recently. The game, The World Ends With You, takes place in Shibuya, which is a prefecture/ward in Tokyo. It features many real locations inside Shibuya, though some were renamed in the game.

I went there in my Rhyme costume and had my husband take photos of me. We found many locations featured in the game, a few were even by accident. We would walk around and be like, “hey, doesn’t that look familiar?”

We only took photos at a few very recognizable places though. We chose to do:

  • Moyai statue
  • Hachiko statue
  • Tower Records (Towa in the game)
  • Scramble and 109 building (104 in the game)

Here is a preview of me at the Scramble with 109 in the background!


See all of the photos at the bottom of my Rhyme page!

Final stretch

I am 99% done with my Rhyme costume! The missing 1% is her necklace because I haven’t found a small bell to use yet. Everything else is done now though :)


I did end up dyeing the shirt one more time, and now I’m really happy with the color. It looks very similar to the color in her artwork, where it’s not quite orange or pink, but somewhere inbetween, like a salmon color.

I originally bought iron-on printer paper for the logo, but I didn’t use it. Both parts (the skull and the crossbones) were larger than the paper. Plus, I was reading reviews on how the color might bleed or ruin the shirt, which scared me. I went with the good ol’ Heat n’ Bond, which has always been trustworthy for me. I ironed it to some black cotton first, then ironed it to the shirt.


Fortunately, I didn’t have to vector the design myself. Back when I was cosplaying Neku, I read many TWEWY threads on and remembered this post in particular. Many thanks to Pollux for sharing it!

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