Shiny scales

Halloween is over, and I’ve finished my daughter’s Sisu costume! I meant to keep up with blogging about its status while I worked on it, but I went into crunch mode as Halloween got closer. Now I’m going back to cover parts that I’ve done!

This entry will be how I made Sisu’s tail and her… scales? Or fins? (You know what I mean, right?)

Back of Sisu's costume with focus on the tail

The tail was pretty simple. I made a triangular pattern to turn into a cone, and I split it, so that the bottom of the tail used the lighter blue fabric. Then I stuffed it with polyfil stuffing and hand sewed it onto the back of the costume.

Close up of Sisu's tail

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Start of Sisu

In my previous post, you saw that I made a matching Noi costume for my youngest daughter. Well, I’m working on a Sisu costume for my oldest daughter! So far, I’ve made the base of the costume and will be adding the tail, head, fur, and other details onto it. It’s made with anti-pill fleece, so it’s very soft and fluffy!

Incomplete Sisu costume on a toddler

For the base pattern, I wanted to use either McCall’s M7852 or Simplicity S9347. I ended up finding both at my local Joann, so I just picked the McCall’s one.

McCall's M7852 and Simplicity S9347 pattern images

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Little Noi

Of course, I can’t pass up the chance to have my kids match with my costumes. I made a Noi outfit for my youngest daughter!

Completed Noi costume on a baby and on its own

I did simplify the design quite a bit because I wanted to make sure it was comfortable for my little one. (And also because she’s going to wear it once for this Halloween and then never again.)

I started by choosing comfortable fabrics that had a bit of a stretch. Everything except for the belt is made from jersey fabric. The belt is made with non-stretch cotton.

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