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Pokemon Go photos

I have photos of my Pokemon Go cosplay now! I got my husband to take photos of me at a nearby pond while I acted like a back-seat-photographer the whole time ;) Here are the photos we took today. I also added them to my Pokemon Go Trainer page!


Pokemon Go jacket, part 2

I decided to re-make my Pokemon Go Trainer jacket! There were a few things I didn’t like:

  1. The jacket was too tight and short.
  2. The lining fabric I chose had horizontal stretch, not vertical, which wasn’t great to match up with the outer fabric that had 4-way stretch.
  3. The stripe on the sleeve was too wide.

And I had also made several minor sewing mistakes. Here is the new and improved jacket!


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Pokemon Go Trainer – accessories

I finished my Pokemon Go Trainer costume for Halloween! Since last time, I needed to work on the hat, belt, and gloves, so I’ll go over those now.

Fortunately, the hat was very easy! I bought a plain black cap off of Amazon, and then I mocked the design in Photoshop. I printed it out and used it like a stencil by marking with a white fabric pencil.


I used yellow fabric paint, and I painted a few layers, letting it dry between layers.


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