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Shiki’s boots

I’m back from A-kon! I’m still figuring out where all the photos from photoshoots are, so I will update later with pictures from the con. For now, here’s how I made Shiki’s boots! I also have a request for a tutorial on Sakura’s gloves which I’ll work on next :3

These are the base shoes. I asked my friend Jess to just buy cheap heels, and she found these for $4 on eBay. I wish they were rounded instead of pointy, but it still worked.
Base shoes

I started by using muslin fabric and pinned it over my leg and shoe. I cut it out in that shape afterwards and used it as a pattern.

The material I used was matte vinyl. I was lucky and found vinyl scraps on sale for $3/yd. I really only needed about a yard, but took 2 incase I messed up. I had to use my heaviest weight needle and also had to buy a thicker thread. It was unfortunately a lighter color than the vinyl, but it only shows in the back.

I started by sewing the pieces together in the back and added a zipper. I underestimated how much I needed and got a zipper that was a couple inches too short.

Next I sewed the front so that it would be tight against the shoe.

The yellow stripes are bias tape that I glued to the vinyl. Part of it tucks under the cover at the bottom. Then I glued the cover to the shoe.

You can see that I made the boot taller at first. I put my feet in it, so I could see how it went up on my leg, then I cut off the extra at the top. Then I took a strip of vinyl and sewed it to the top to make the folded part. I sewed it down at the sides near the zipper so it’ll stay down. Since the vinyl isn’t 2 sided, I had to do it this way.

Tada! Here are the covers! I think they could have turned out a little better, but not bad for my first time with this material.

And here are our full costumes! (Our Shiki is the one on the right.)
TWEWY group

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