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Shorts completed

Last night, I got around to adding belt loops to Neku’s shorts, which now completes them! I decided to use double fold bias tape. They won’t fray and seem sturdy enough. I basically cut them into equal sized pieces, folded the ends, and sewed them on.



There are 6 loops total. 2 in the front, 2 on the sides, and 2 in the back. At first, I didn’t know how to search for Neku’s belt, since I didn’t know what it was called. Apparently it’s called a web belt. I bought that one off of Amazon in black with a silver buckle.

White bias tape costs $1.89. The belt was $8.47 after shipping. Neku’s total is now $57.52.

Start of the shirt

To start on Neku’s shirt, first I made the pattern. I traced it off of one of my smaller shirts (minus the sleeves) and widened the bottom a little. I cut it where I thought the separation between colors should be.


For the yellow parts, I sewed in Bias Tape. It makes it a lot easier to make them straight and even, since the Bias Tape already has folds which I can follow. This is just one side of the shirt:


I might redo the middle part slightly because the purple looks a little wide. I think I’ll wait until I put together the other side and see how they look together. I also used some left over yellow cotton fabric I had to make Neku’s bracelet. It’s double layered and was super simple to make:


Kona cotton costs $5.99/yd. I bought 3 yards of navy fabric which comes out to $17.97, and then was $14.39 with 20% off. The purple fabric is 2 yards at $11.98.

So far, I’ve used one pack of bias tape which is $1.89. The total for Neku is now $47.16.

Pockets done! Shorts are almost complete

As the subject says, the pockets are done! I finished sewing on the side pockets and added 4 yellow buttons to them. I used yellow fabric to cover the holes in the buttons.



I then cut out the back pockets, ironed them to interfacing, used Heat n Bond to add the purple stripe, and sewed them on too.


All that’s left are belt loops! The belt I ordered is on its way, so I’ll wait for that before sewing on the belt loops. It’d be bad if I didn’t leave enough room for the belt ;)

The buttons were on sale for $0.84 per pack (of 3). Two packs were $1.68, making the total for Neku now at $18.90.