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Both Neku and Beat costumes are finished! That is a picture of us at A-kon. I haven’t been blogging about my step-by-step progress lately because I was in a rush and was working on the costumes non-stop last week. I finished Thursday night, since I left for Dallas on Friday.

I’ll go back and write about parts of the costume later.

Coming together

I feel like the major components of the costume are finally coming together. The shirt is now completely done.


The collar is like a turtleneck, except it folds inwards. This let’s me adjust the height of the collar if needed. I thought I would need interfacing to keep it up, but I didn’t use any. It seems to stay up on its own.

I’ve also been struggling with styling the wig. I used the Punky from Cosworx. Here is how it came (ignore the clips I put in).


Here it is now, partially done.


My main problems is that the front is very fluffy and full, making the front and sides puff out more than I want. The back, on the other hand, is very thin. I’m having a hard time keeping the spikes up since there isn’t enough hair, and the netting is also starting to show. Much work still needs to be done on it!

Things left to do for Neku:
– Finish styling the wig
– Make shoe covers
– Make headphones
– Make his MP3 player

Compression shirt

Well, it’s been more than a week since my last post. Unfortunately, I really don’t have much new progress. I was hoping I’d be finished by now, but things have been busy!

I ordered a compression shirt from Underworks recently, so that I could bind my breasts. I have to say that I’m impressed by how flat it got my chest, and the fact that it’s actually fairly comfortable to wear. It is hard to get on and take off on your own though.


I measured around the fullest part of my boobs, and then again underneath my boobs. I averaged the 2 numbers to get my size for the shirt.

I’ve started on the collar, which I’m still trying to figure out how to attach. Hopefully, I’ll have Neku’s shirt fully done this weekend!