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San Japan and Spirited Away progress

San Japan
I was at San Japan last Friday to take photos, and I ended up not cosplaying. It’s easier to do photoshoots out of costume ^^;; You can see previews from each photoshoot on my Flickr! View San Japan Flickr gallery.

Haku progress
I bought circle lens for my first time ever! Since Haku has green eyes, I decided to give them a try. The left photo is in costume with flash. The right photo is in (bad) indoor lighting.

Bambi Princess Mimi Apple Green – Brand: GEO – Size: 15mm

Sunflower Green – Brand: NEO – Size: 14mm

I think I like the Apple Green one more. I like the thicker outline and the subtle color. It’s hard to tell in those photos, but the Sunflower Green is really green.

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More on Haku’s top

I’ve been asked questions about my Haku costume, so I thought I’d go into more detail on how I drafted the patterns :) To start, I’ll do his white top. (View previous entry on Haku’s top.) Here is a flat view of the front and back:

Photo: front view
Photo: back view

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Haku’s pants

In this entry, I’ll go over both parts of Haku’s pants, the light blue (top) pants and the blue (under) pants.

Haku's pants

Here they are together. You can see that the blue pants show through the slits on the light blue pants.

Haku's pants

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