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San Japan and Spirited Away progress

San Japan
I was at San Japan last Friday to take photos, and I ended up not cosplaying. It’s easier to do photoshoots out of costume ^^;; You can see previews from each photoshoot on my Flickr! View San Japan Flickr gallery.

Haku progress
I bought circle lens for my first time ever! Since Haku has green eyes, I decided to give them a try. The left photo is in costume with flash. The right photo is in (bad) indoor lighting.

Bambi Princess Mimi Apple Green – Brand: GEO – Size: 15mm

Sunflower Green – Brand: NEO – Size: 14mm

I think I like the Apple Green one more. I like the thicker outline and the subtle color. It’s hard to tell in those photos, but the Sunflower Green is really green.

Chihiro progress
I started on her pants, which actually just uses the same pattern I used for Haku. I must have done something wrong though. The crotch is… off. I also haven’t put the draw strings on the bottom or the elastic band on the waist yet.

I think our Spirited Away group is a no-go for AnimeFest, mainly because I don’t think I can finish both Chihiro and No Face in time. Plus, after wearing my Haku costume, I’ve noticed a few things I want to change and fix up.

I might wear my Sakura costume and lend my Knives Chau costume to Jess. Then Jack can go as Scott Pilgrim. Kind of a bummer to hold off our Spirited Away costumes again, but I do like wearing my Sakura costume XD;;

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