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Haku’s pants

In this entry, I’ll go over both parts of Haku’s pants, the light blue (top) pants and the blue (under) pants.

Haku's pants

Here they are together. You can see that the blue pants show through the slits on the light blue pants.

Haku's pants

For the blue under pants, I just drafted a basic shorts pattern and added an elastic waist. So… I won’t be showing that pattern! You can find a shorts pattern or look one up.

I thought of the light blue pants as a baggy pair of shorts that go to my knee, except with holes on the side. This is my pattern.

Haku pants pattern

The curve on that right side is where the slit is, which makes this hole:

Haku's pants

I used an elastic waist on this too, and to make the puffy part, I added a drawstring to the bottom of each side:

Haku's pants

In retrospect, I did wish I made the pants a bit more baggy, but otherwise, I’m pretty happy with it :3

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2 Responses to “Haku’s pants”

  • Yukiro says:

    Hello,my username is Yukiro :D
    i’m planning on cosplaying Haku,next year hahaha LOL
    and found that your blog is verrrryy useful!
    not to mention your Haku cosplay is verrry good! *_* is amazed
    your costume is very well-made.
    may I use your blog as a tutorial? :D
    i’ll give credit (Links to your side,etc)

  • Cat says:

    Hi Yukiro ~ thank you for your comment! =D Yes, of course. If my entries help, please use them as a tutorial to help you!

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