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More on Haku’s top

I’ve been asked questions about my Haku costume, so I thought I’d go into more detail on how I drafted the patterns :) To start, I’ll do his white top. (View previous entry on Haku’s top.) Here is a flat view of the front and back:

Photo: front view
Photo: back view

The problem with Haku’s outfit is that I really couldn’t think of a good pattern to alter. When that happens, I typically use my own clothing to base my patterns off of. For his top, I actually used one of my T-shirts. You can kind of see how they relate when I lay my T-shirt over it.

Photo: T-shirt comparison

NOTE: I didn’t get this pattern right on my first try! I recommend doing a test run with test fabric (like cheap muslin) before going at it for real.

A couple things about Haku’s top…

To simplify things, I’m going over the pattern without the collar and sleeves. I chose a shirt that was a little loose fitting since the white top is the 2nd layer of clothing. (Well, 3rd since I’m wearing a compression vest too.)

Directions: front view
Directions: back view

The front and back are sewed together only at the shoulders. The sleeves are sewn partially on both sides, leaving a slit between the front and back.

Photo: slit on the side

The front layers stay together with velcro that is stitched on the collar, as shown in my previous entry. I already wrote this before, but just a reminder!

1. On the front layers, the left goes over right.
2. The sash is tied on the left side.

I hope this was helpful! I may go back and do the same for the undershirt and pants :)

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6 Responses to “More on Haku’s top”

  • Mina Gee says:

    This was EXTREMELY helpful! Thank you SO much!

  • Mina Gee says:

    So Ive made the psttern for my cosplay, buuuut……I dont know how to do the sleeves. Help?

    • Cat says:

      You’re welcome! I’m glad this post was helpful!

      As for the sleeves, the pattern is like a rectangle, like in my other post:
      (That little tab I originally drew isn’t really needed.)

      I just measured how long I wanted the sleeve, and then how much I wanted it to droop down. After you sew the ends together, you sew part of it to the front and back, such that it leaves a slit on the top and bottom.

  • Wendy says:

    Hey this is very nice! i was wondering how you make the collar stand up and stand out since i want to make my own chihiro outfit~ thanks in advance

    • Cat says:

      I actually didn’t do anything special to make it stand up :) There are two pieces of velcro inside the collar, so that it comes together. That seemed to make it stand up on its own!

  • Sofía says:

    Muchas gracias por tus instrucciones, me ha ayudado mucho ya que es la primera vez que hago ropa. Solo me queda por terminar la parte superior. Un beso grande.

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