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Haku revisited

I think I mentioned before that I wanted to re-do some things on my Haku costume. Well, that’s what I’ve been doing recently!

I really just wanted to make adjustments to the white top. I didn’t make changes to the undershirt or pants, other than using my serger on the inside. Here is what I posted on Instagram when I first started. You can see that I was taking apart the collar and sleeves.


Changes I made:

  • Some things I just took apart to sew again with better stitches.
  • Adjusted the shape of the sleeves and sewed them back on a little differently.
  • I felt the white top was too wide, so I took it in by an inch on each side.
  • Improved the way the collar was sewn on and also added an extra section of velcro.


Here’s what it looks like now. I wish I took close-up photos beforehand, so I could do comparisons of the parts =/


I was too lazy to set up everything to do a DSLR-selfie, so here’s what I posted to Instagram instead ^^;;


I also bought flip flops for the costume recently, which are these on Amazon. I was just looking for brown flip flops with white straps. A lot of them had decorated straps, and I really wanted something plain. I think these could work though. The logo on the back looks odd, but my feet cover them up anyway when I wear them.


Next up is to…

  • style Haku’s wig
  • work on Chihiro’s costume

Oh! I updated my “In Progress” list to include two new costumes. I don’t have a deadline for Silica, but I moved her to in progress since I have fabric and a wig for her already. I’m currently doing the research for Phi and hope to start on her soon :)

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