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Shigure, finished

You read that right. I finished Tashigi’s sword!!! Aahhh, I’m so excited that it’s done :D


Since my last entry, the handle was the last thing I had to do, so I’ll go over that now. In my first progress entry, I mentioned that I covered the handle in clay, smoothed it out with Gesso, and then spray painted it white.

After that, I added a gold band around the bottom. As usual, I started with a craft foam base with hot glue for the dots, and then I covered it with Worbla. Next was Gesso, sanding, and painting, which is what I’ve been doing for pretty much every gold piece on the sword.


When that was done, I added sword wrap again. Like with the sheathe, I really just looked up articles and videos on how to do this. The wrap is a darker color than I wanted. I really wanted a dark blue-ish green but not this dark. However, it took a while to ship to me since the seller was international, so I just went with it.


At the end, I created an area with just strips of the wrap, not twisted like the rest. This is because this part will be covered with Worbla later. I wanted an even surface to work on top of.

Like before, I made a craft foam base and used hot glue for the circles. That was covered with 3 pieces of Worbla – one on each side and one for the butt of the handle. I used Gesso on it afterwards.


Then the last part is paint and attaching the hilt! (The hilt isn’t glued on or anything; it just has a snug fit.)


Tada! Finished sword!


Next on my list is finishing the shirt, and I also ordered a new wig. I ended not being happy with the first one I got, so I’m going to see if I have more luck with a different style. I hope to start on my Robin cosplay as well!

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