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Main parts done

I’m done with the clothing part of Sakura’s costume!


The sleeves took me a while. I messed up 3 times just trying to get them in. I did try to make them poofy with darts, but maybe I didn’t do enough or the fabric just doesn’t hold up.

The yellow scarf took more fabric than I thought it would. I measured it to be 46in at first, but I ended up needing almost 60in to get that length. There are just 2 small stitches where the 2 sides meet near the shirt opening, just to keep it there. Other than that, it’s not really sewed to the shirt.

The red shirt is a turtleneck crop top which was originally long sleeves and the collar folded over the front. I cut the sleeves short, and I also cut open the collar and folded it inwards instead. I might expand the elastic at the bottom since it feels a little tight.

Left to do!
– make fighting gloves
– style wig

Sakura’s sailor collar

I’m almost done with Sakura’s shirt! The sleeves are giving me trouble though. I’m at my 3rd attempt now to get them on correctly ^^;; But, in the mean time, here’s how I made her sailor collar.

I started by drafting a pattern…


Then tracing it on two layers of fabric.


Cut it out, leaving seam allowance. Took the 2 layers and sewed them together where the line is drawn. (I didn’t sew the inner part though. You need to leave an opening.)


Flipped the collar inside out and added white bias tape.


Sewed it to the shirt, and that was it! I still need to add the yellow scarf, but I’ll worry about that last.


Sakura progress

So far, I’ve finished Sakura’s skirt, bought her shoes, and have started on her top. I actually had to do her skirt twice due to a mess up on my part. The first time around, I didn’t gather the waist, so the skirt didn’t have enough room for hips. Instead of trying to fix it by adding more fabric, I just redid it.

On my 2nd attempt, I made sure to added little pleats to the waist, turning the skirt into a half circle:


That did the trick! I then cut off any extra, added a band at the top, sewed it together, and added 2 buttons to close it in the back. Here is the finished skirt with converse sneakers.


The converse sneakers I ordered are their Chuck Taylor All Star ones.

I’ll make another post about the sailor collar later, which I just finished last night.