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Sakura’s sailor collar

I’m almost done with Sakura’s shirt! The sleeves are giving me trouble though. I’m at my 3rd attempt now to get them on correctly ^^;; But, in the mean time, here’s how I made her sailor collar.

I started by drafting a pattern…


Then tracing it on two layers of fabric.


Cut it out, leaving seam allowance. Took the 2 layers and sewed them together where the line is drawn. (I didn’t sew the inner part though. You need to leave an opening.)


Flipped the collar inside out and added white bias tape.


Sewed it to the shirt, and that was it! I still need to add the yellow scarf, but I’ll worry about that last.


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2 Responses to “Sakura’s sailor collar”

  • Shio says:

    Hi! I was wondering how you attached the sailor collar to the shirt? Did you sew it directly on? or did you fold it behind the neckline? Thanks!

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