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Main parts done

I’m done with the clothing part of Sakura’s costume!


The sleeves took me a while. I messed up 3 times just trying to get them in. I did try to make them poofy with darts, but maybe I didn’t do enough or the fabric just doesn’t hold up.

The yellow scarf took more fabric than I thought it would. I measured it to be 46in at first, but I ended up needing almost 60in to get that length. There are just 2 small stitches where the 2 sides meet near the shirt opening, just to keep it there. Other than that, it’s not really sewed to the shirt.

The red shirt is a turtleneck crop top which was originally long sleeves and the collar folded over the front. I cut the sleeves short, and I also cut open the collar and folded it inwards instead. I might expand the elastic at the bottom since it feels a little tight.

Left to do!
– make fighting gloves
– style wig

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