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Mock-up progress

Here’s how the mock-up for Chell’s jumpsuit looks so far!

There’s already several things I want to alter on the pattern:

  • extend the body area by 1-2 inches (vertically)
  • make the arm hole wider
  • make the sleeves wider
  • close the front opening by 3-4 inches
  • make the fit a little more baggy
  • remove pleats from the front (which I already did)

Chell’s jumpsuit also has white stripes in certain areas and some pockets. I need to figure out where those go too.

I think it’s time to order the fabric!

Next Project

I’m posting to say that I’m not taking another random cosplay hiatus. I’m starting on a new cosplay! I’m currently working on Chell from the Portal series, in her Portal 2 outfit. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, so I’m excited to finally start on it!

So far, I’m still in the mock-up stages, where I try out the pattern with muslin.


It’s not totally sewn together yet, and it’s missing sleeves and the collar. After I finish it, I’ll be able to see where I need to alter it.

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