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Almost there

I’m close to finishing Chell’s jumpsuit! Here is the current progress:


In the last entry, you’ll see that the stripe on the waist went all the way across. I realized I did it wrong after looking at my references again. The stripe on her waist actually stops in the front, leaving a little gap. I had to undo the ends of the waist stripe, cut it off, attach a piece of orange fabric, and then sew it back on.


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So much orange

Finally, progress photos with the real fabric!


I bought Cotton Wale Pique for both the orange and white parts, which was a bit pricey but… I like how this fabric looks and feels XD;; To make the white stripes, I separated the pattern into orange and white pieces, and then sewed them together. Here’s how it looks on the inside…

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Another mock-up

Well, I made the changes that I mentioned in my previous post to the pattern. To be on the safe side, I did another mock-up to make sure the changes actually worked.


I just wanted to test the changes, so I didn’t bother putting on the lining or collar, since I didn’t alter those parts. You can see that I added in the stripes this time too.

I made a couple more changes after this mock-up. I adjusted the sleeves again, and I made the stripe on the waist a bit higher. I just ordered the fabric online today, so the next progress should be the real deal!

I also made a trip to the fabric store today with a couple friends. It’s their first time making cosplay! I helped them pick out some things, and then they stayed a bit to work on it. Neither of them have a sewing machine, so they’re going to come over to use mine. It’s been a while since I last worked on cosplay with other people at the same time. It’s more motivating when you’re doing it with other people, though a bit harder when you’re sharing things XD;;

Anyway, I can’t wait to start on this with the real fabric!