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So much orange

Finally, progress photos with the real fabric!


I bought Cotton Wale Pique for both the orange and white parts, which was a bit pricey but… I like how this fabric looks and feels XD;; To make the white stripes, I separated the pattern into orange and white pieces, and then sewed them together. Here’s how it looks on the inside…

This is the stripe for the waist:


And this is on the sleeves:


You can see that I sewed them together to make one piece of fabric, instead of sewing the white on top of the orange.

So far, I just have the basic jumpsuit completed. I still need to add…

  • zipper + lining
  • pockets
  • other details (Aperture logo, name tag, etc)

I also need to figure out long fall boots, though I’m not sure if I can complete that by Halloween. There isn’t much time left, but I guess we’ll see!

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