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Portal 1 version – finished

Tada! The jumpsuit is finished! I wore it as Chell’s Portal 1 version for Halloween and also made some long fall blades for my legs.


I didn’t add much from what I posted last entry. I just added two pockets (front and back) and the Aperture name tag.


For the name tag, I used fabric markers and just wrote it on some white fabric, which I sewed on afterwards. The pockets have light interfacing behind them and are bordered with thin bias tape.

The long fall blades are temporary ones. I’d like to make better ones and/or make the long fall boots from Portal 2. Here’s what they look like off of my legs.


The top part is elastic, and I hide that under the pant legs. The rest is just craftfoam with jewelry wire inside of it. That’s how I’m able to bend and shape the craftfoam. I basically bought thin sheets of craftfoam and used hot glue to glue two layers together with the wires stuck between them.

Though Halloween is over, I still plan on doing some more work on this costume for future Anime cons. I’d really like to make her Portal gun and her long fall boots :)

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