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Pokemon Go Trainer – romper

Now the romper is done! I meant to finish it earlier, but I spent a couple days going out and playing Pokemon Go instead XD;;

Like the jacket, this also uses the pattern from McCall’s M7556. I used Activewear spandex for the dark blue part (it looks black, but it’s really “midnight blue”), and French Terry Knit for the middle blue part.


I started by doing the back part of the romper according to the pattern instructions. I did the front part in a different order though. Instead of sewing the sides to the middle, I did the middle parts only first.


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Pokemon Go Trainer – jacket

I’ve finished the jacket for my Pokemon Go Trainer cosplay!


Like I mentioned before, I’m using McCall’s M7556, which is specifically for the Pokemon Go Trainer. I like that there are cosplay patterns now because I barely had to make any modifications! I also picked up M7397 to use on the gloves later.


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Next costume plans

I’ve been meaning to write here earlier, but since last time, I finished the shirt for my next Tashigi costume and wore it to Japan!



I only had time to finish the shirt before the trip, which is fine because it was way too hot for the full costume. I wore the shirt as a casual Tashigi outfit for when I went to One Piece Tokyo Tower :)

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