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Making a witch’s broom

You know, with how popular witch costumes are for Halloween, you’d think it’d be easy to buy a witch’s broom, right? WRONG. Every witch’s broom I found was either children’s size or absolutely terrible looking. I figured… why not make my own?

I was able to do it by buying two things:

  1. a broom handle (stick only, no broom head)
  2. a big spool of raffia paper ribbon

I cut a bunch of raffia ribbon. I even brought the spool to work with me to cut some when I had some down time. I grouped them into four bunches, tying each one near the top with raffia ribbon.

4 bundles of raffia paper ribbon on the floor with a broom stick

When it’s split up into smaller groups, it’s a lot easier to handle! From here, I hot glued them to the broom handle, putting the glue on where I tied the bunches together.

4 bundles of raffia paper ribbon glued around the bottom of a broom stick

For the finishing touches, I just secured the raffia ribbon by tying more ribbon around it. I did it in two places to match how Kiki’s broom is tied.

Custom witch's broom with raffia paper ribbon for straw

And that’s it! Very simple to make, doesn’t need much material, and pretty cheap! Plus, looks much better than the witch’s brooms you can buy!

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