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Kiki’s bag

When making Kiki’s bag, I had a hard time deciding on what color it should be! Looking at screenshots, sometimes it looks pink, and sometimes it looks brown. In this case, I’d normally custom dye my fabric to get the exact color I want, but I knew I didn’t have time for it this time. So, off to the fabric store I went!

I settled on a brown suede fabric. I originally liked it for the color on the smooth side, but after taking it home and staring at it more, I decided I liked the fuzzy suede side more.

Black dress on a dressform with a brown suede bag over the shoulder

But first! Let’s back up and start from the beginning with the pattern.

Four sewing pattern pieces for a bag with measurements

I cut two of everything because I wanted to line the bag. I started by sewing the front, back, and bottom pieces together for both the bag and the lining.

Suede bag base and lining

Then I sewed on the flap to both pieces before putting together the bag and lining.

Suede bag base and lining with flaps sewn on

From here, I was in crunch mode and didn’t take as many in progress photos! I’ll be showing close-ups of the finished bag instead. To put the bag and lining together, I started by sewing the flaps together, right sides together. Then I flipped them inside out.

Brown suede bag with flap open

After that, I stuck the lining into the bag, and I did some hand sewing to get them together. I used an invisible stitch to get a nice clean look.

Hand holding a brown suede bag open to show the inside

The last parts are adding a button and button hole…

Hand holding a brown suede bag open to show the inside

And a bag strap! The strap is just a long strip of fabric that I sewed together to make a tube, and then they’re sewn to the side of the bags.

Brown suede bag laying on a table with strap laid out

I love cosplays with bags :D It acted as my purse when I wore the costume!

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