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Big red bow

Next up is Kiki’s red bow! I thought about buying a headband with a red bow already on it, but I had some leftover red cotton fabric I wanted to use up, and I also wanted the bow to be bigger.

To start, I made 4 rectangles and ironed on heavy weight interfacing to two of them.

4 rectangles of red fabric, 2 with interfacing

I was a bit ambitious on making them big, and I actually made them too big at first. After adjustment, each rectangle ended up being 10.5 x 5 in (before adding seam allowance).

(Note: I didn’t take as many photos while making the bow, so I’ll do my best to describe what I did!)

I sewed the interfaced pieces to the non-interfaced pieces, just along the long edges (top and bottom), with the interfaced side out. This way, I could flip them inside out and have the interfacing be on the inside.

Then I sewed the two pieces I get after that together at the short edges, making a loop.

Red fabric sewn together as a loop

I made a simple ribbon for the middle, measuring 1.5 x 6 in (before adding seam allowance), which forms a 3/4 in wide ribbon after sewing the long edges together.

I pinched the interfaced fabric loop down the middle to form a bow, and hot glued it onto the headband. I also hot glued the ribbon around all of it to keep it together.

Red bow on a brown wig and wig head

And that’s it! Pretty simple! (Oh, and the wig is the Priscilla in Dark Brown from Arda Wigs!)

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