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Lots of McCree

My friend (Ross) and I decided to spend our Memorial Day off by working on cosplay all day! We tried to finish as much as his McCree cosplay in a day as possible.

The past week, Ross had been priming the chest and back armor with many layers of Gesso. The first thing we did was to sand it smooth.

Then we spray painted them with black as the base color. After the paint dried, we hand painted them with acrylic paints. It’s subtle, but we used different grays to gradient where we thought shadows and highlights should be, which adds a bit of depth. (Some of the shadows you see look like they’re from the lighting, but they are actually painted a darker color.)

As for the flash bangs, we finished them off with red electrical tape. We tried to paint the red on earlier, but the paint kept going under the painter’s tape, and we couldn’t get a clean line. Using electrical tape was much easier!

Ross also worked on painting the gun, using different grays and a bit of red to make certain parts stand out.

While he was doing that, I worked on the armor for the knees. He cut out the shapes from the anti-fatigue foam, and I glued the slits together, so the armor is a bit of a dome. I also glued on craft foam at the bottom to fill the shape.

I had better luck with using Thibra this time! I basically laid the Thibra on top and then let gravity do most of the work while I heated it. I handled it a bit at the end to finish off the edges.

Because the Thibra actually came out smooth this time, we decided not to prime it, and we spray painted directly on top of it. Next time we work on it, we’re going to paint it like we did with the chest and back armor.

I also have progress on the poncho, and we started work on the armor for the shoes. I will save those for another entry after we’ve made more progress on them!

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