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A bit of everything

I’ve been making progress on my Tashigi costume! I just haven’t posted lately because I like having entries that show progress for one thing. That way I can reference them easily. However, I’ve been doing a bit of everything but not enough of each for its own entry. Here’s a summary of what’s been going on!

I finished the mock-up for Tashigi’s shirt, though it still needs a couple alterations. It’s close enough that I’m going to work on the real fabric next. I don’t have fabric with the same spotted pattern though, so I bought pink fabric paint to put the dots on myself.


Last time, I said I wanted to thin out the wig, so… I did! I used my feathering shears for it. Now I’m using large curlers to get the ends to curl in a bit. When I straightened the wig, I think I straightened it too much.


This is what I’ve mainly been working on, which is a bit slow because I have to wait for things to dry. The bottom is the sheathe, which was originally in black and with a texture that I didn’t want. After a few layers of Gesso, I sanded it until it was smooth and then spray painted it white.


On the sword itself, I covered the handle with clay to fill in the holes and then I used a few layers of Gesso again. I sanded it as even as I could, though it still looks a bit lumpy.


The blade is also getting a few layers of Gesso right now. I thought I could go without it and only sand away the original paint, but it still had a scratchy texture on it.


I’m working on the decorative parts of the sheathe this weekend, and I will have more detailed entries on each of these later!

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