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Tashigi’s jacket, finished

Guess what? I finished Tashigi’s jacket! Check it out:


Between last entry and this one, I was just missing the sleeves and collar. To start, I sewed the white line on top of the sleeve pattern, similar to what I was already doing to the rest of the jacket. Then I just sewed the sleeves onto the jacket.


The cuffs are faux fur, lined with the same white twill. However, when I first sewed them on, the fur was a bit too crazy.


I ended up using my shears to give it a haircut.


And here’s what the cuffs look like when they’re not folded up, if you were curious.


The collar is done the same way. It’s faux fur lined with the same white twill, and then it’s sewed onto the jacket’s neckline. When I first sewed it on, I had the same problem where the fur was just way too much.


So I used shears and gave that a hair cut too! Here’s a better look at the finished result.



As for what’s next? I started styling the wig again. After I took that photo at the top of the entry, I realized that the wig and bangs are too thick.

I’m also looking into the pattern for her shirt now and will continue working on her sword on the side. The shirt looks pretty easy, so hopefully I’ll have that to show soon too!

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