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Tashigi’s jacket, progress 2

So a day after my last entry… the faux fur came in! I guess the tracking updated a bit slow on it. While I was excited to have it, it was kind of a pain to work with. It kept shedding, ughhh.

Anyway, the first thing I did was sew the faux fur to the bottom of each piece, and then I sewed the three pieces together by the sides. It might look like the faux fur is one long piece, but it isn’t. I cut it into pieces to fit the 3 jacket pieces.


The lining is very similar. The red is broadcloth, and the white is the same twill I used on the outer jacket parts. You can see how the white parts match up to the outer jacket part. The vertical line is the same size, and the bottom part is the same measurement as the faux fur. I sewed the three pieces together by the sides as well.


Next, I matched the outer jacket to the lining, front sides together, and sewed along the bottom and the left and right sides. I just flipped it inside out afterwards and ironed down the edges. I also sewed the shoulders together after that.


Now the jacket is lined on the inside!


Next up are the sleeves and collar, and then I’ll be done with the jacket!

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