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Rhyme’s shirt progress

I’ve finished sewing Rhyme’s shirt! I started with white cotton jersey, so that I could dye it to the right color afterwards. I ran into the same problem I had with Zia’s fabrics. When I found a fabric with the color I liked, it wasn’t the right type of fabric and vice versa.


You might also be wondering why I bothered to sew her shirt instead of buying one. I wanted the fit to be close to how she’s drawn.

  • I made the shirt fitted towards the top, but it flares out towards the bottom.
  • The sleeves are long and go past my knuckles.
  • The collar is wider than usual.
  • The shoulder is wider so that the sleeves start past my shoulder.


Here’s how it looks when I’m wearing it with her shorts! I also decided to wear a chest binder since Rhyme is pretty flat.


I already bought some liquid Rit dye, and I did a few test swatches tonight. The left two use 1 part Tan and 1 part Tangerine. The right two use 2 parts Tan and 1 part Tangerine. They look pretty similar! I guess the ones on the right are slightly less orange. I think the one on the far right is my favorite.


I also got a wig, which is the Adam in light blonde from Arda Wigs. So far I’ve only straightened it using the hot water method. Next up is to trim the bangs, and I think that’ll be it.


Not too much is left! Here’s the rest of my to-do:

  • make beanie
  • dye shirt
  • add logo to shirt
  • find a bell charm for her necklace
  • alter shoes

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