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Rhyme’s shorts – finished!

I finished Rhyme’s shorts! I had a minor setback because I forgot to buy buttons, so I couldn’t finish them until today XD;;


Since last time, I’ve added the top overalls part, which hangs over the front and back. Like the shorts, the overalls are lined with a thin broadcloth, and then I folded the edges over to create a border.


Here’s how it looks if I flip the overalls part up. I added buttons and put in buttons holes on the straps, so that they’re removable. The overalls part is just sewn to the waistband from the inside.


I haven’t been doing nothing while waiting for a chance to go buy buttons. I’ve also been working on her shirt! Instead of buying a shirt and altering it, I decided to make it myself. I’m using white cotton jersey, which I will be dyeing later.


As you can see, I’m not very far yet. I’m working on the sleeves next!

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