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Almost there

I’m getting pretty close on finishing my Rhyme cosplay! Here’s what I have so far.


Since last time I’ve…

  • trimmed the bangs on the wig
  • dyed the shirt
  • made the hat
  • made the skull pin

I dyed the shirt twice so far, and I’m considering putting it into a dye bath again. When the shirt is wet, I feel like the color is perfect, but of course when it dries, it looks lighter. I’d like the color to be just a tad darker.

The first time I dyed it, I used 1/2 teaspoon tangerine and 1 teaspoon tan. The color was too peachy and then too much of it washed out, so it was too light. The second time, I used equal parts tangerine and tan (1/2 teaspoon each), which got it a bit darker and to the right color. I might repeat that last step one more time.

On the hat, I used some ribbed knit and made a shape similar to the one I made for Beat.┬áIf you look at her artwork, you’ll see that some of the beanie hangs behind her, which is why I did this shape.


I vectored the skull and printed it out. I found these cheap “design-a-button” things on Amazon:


They’re pretty cheap quality, but they work and are much less expensive than a button maker. Oh, and if you want the image I used for the pin, here you go:


I printed out 4 sizes since I wasn’t sure which one would work best. I ended up using the one in the bottom left corner.

Next up!

  • (maybe) dye shirt again
  • iron-on shirt logo
  • alter shoes
  • make necklace

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