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(slow) Zulf progress

I was originally planning to have Zulf’s costume completely done by now, but well… that hasn’t happened. Here’s where I am now, still on his jacket.

Since last post, I’ve partially lined his jacket, so that his collar shows the right material. I’ve also finished the sleeves.

The collar of the jacket is really just part of the front but folded back. It’s also lined, so that when it’s folded back, it shows the same suede material.

I decided not to fully line the jacket. The costume is hot enough as it is! James will have to wear a dress shirt, then a vest, and then this jacket.

I’m glad the sleeves are done. I’ve always¬†hated¬†sewing on sleeves, and they still give me difficulty. I decided to use sportswear twill for Zulf’s sleeves. I also bought blue cotton for his vest and skirt. I normally use bias tape for things like the stripes on his sleeves, but I couldn’t find a matching color. I just used some of the blue cotton to make my own.

The cuffs are lined with twill as well, because I happened to have some left over from something else. They’re sewed to the end of the sleeves.

Then it’s just folded back to show the suede side – no additional sewing needed to keep it in place.

I really hope to have the rest of this jacket done soon ^^;; Perhaps next post, I’ll have some Zia progress to show too?

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