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Haku finished

AnimeFest is coming up! Unfortunately, we’re not doing a Spirited Away group after all. Our Chihiro cosplayer is out of town that weekend, and No Face isn’t finished. I did, however, finish my Haku costume.

I originally was planning on this costume for AnimeFest, so I tried to finish it as fast as possible. Thus, I didn’t take progress photos as I normally would have liked. I will be posting details on each part, the patterns I used, and tips later on though. I’ll do an overview here.

I used a compression vest for binding:
Compression Vests
The right one was used for Neku. Since Neku’s shirt was form fitting, the extra length helped shape my stomach area as well. Since Haku’s costume isn’t tight, I’m using the shorter ones on the left, which are size M and L. M is a bit tight; L is a bit loose, but I think I’ll use the L.

The next layer is the under garment. My previous entry shows the top in detail. I’ll go into the pants later, though it’s actually just a basic shorts pattern with an elastic waist.
Haku costume

The next layer is the last one. The top is held together with the purple sash and has slits at the shoulders. The pants have holes on the side and drawstrings at the end of each leg for that puffy effect. I will post patterns for these later.
Haku costume

The wig is a China Girl wig in the darkest brown. I still need to trim it. It’s a bit long all around. I’ve also bought flip flops to use that needs a bit of altering.

I’m glad I finished it though too bad it won’t be used yet! More details soon to come!

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6 Responses to “Haku finished”

  • Gloria says:

    I love your costume! >w<
    It's so well made and because you've gone through every step I actually understand how it's made. I'm planning to cosplay as either Haku or Chihiro with my sister, and this really helps. We've never sewn before.. So this really helps! :3

    Do you possibly have patterns for Chihiro..?

    Thank you!

  • PuyoDa says:

    Thank you! I’m glad it helps! I am making a Chihiro costume for a friend, but since I’ve barely started it, I don’t have any tips or patterns to post yet. They will be at a later date though :3

  • Gloria says:

    Thanks for replying :3

    I’ll keep in touch with you about the Chihiro costume. Don’t worry about rushing to post though, I’ve got plently of time on my hands :)

  • Yukirou says:

    I love your tutorial so much!!! 8DD if it’s facebook,i’ll like this LOL
    and your costume is great too!
    with that details 8Dbb *thumbs up
    i’m a cosplay nobs and need guidance.and this one really help!
    I’m planning to make Spirited Away cosplay group with my friend
    (in appreciation for Ghibli’s wonderful movie)

    may i use your blog as reference?
    i’ll give credit :D (link to your web and others)

    thank you!

  • PuyoDa says:

    Thank you, Yukirou! I’m not sure if you saw my reply to your other comment, but you are definitely welcomed to use my entries as a reference. I’m just glad it helps!

  • Yukirou says:

    Hi PuyoDa :D oh okay then i’ll check it later.thank you!
    and i’ll show you my cosplay after i finish it hahaha.
    i plan it for next year.
    i’m a noobs on cosplay and it’s really hard to find the
    pattern of Haku’s top here @_@
    anyway,thank you! ^_^ good day!

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