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New costume: Haku

I recently started on a new costume for AnimeFest, which is a little over a month away, so I need to hurry XD;; It’s Haku from Spirited Away.


I decided to start on the blue under outfit first, starting with the shirt. I drafted a pattern based off of a T-shirt.


I sewed together the 2 front sides and the back first.


Then I added the collar and hemmed the bottom. I didn’t use any pattern for the collar. I just measured how much I’d need, and cut out a long strip of fabric to sew on.


Lastly, I added sleeves, which finishes it!


It stays together with ties at each end. Here it is for the outside part.


Here is the inside, and you can see where it ties on the right.


I haven’t decided where to go from here. I’ll either do the under part for the pants, or I’ll start on the white top.

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2 Responses to “New costume: Haku”

  • Georgia says:

    Hi there!
    This walk through/ tutorial is extremelyyyy helpful but theres one thing I don’t quite understand and thats the sleeves, i’ve never seen sleeve patterns like that before.
    Would you be able to maybe describe the shape of it a little for me?

    Thank you!

    • Cat says:

      I’m glad this was helpful!

      The top of the sleeve pattern is placed on the fold. That way when you unfold it, it looks like a usual sleeve pattern. My front and back were the same at the arm holes, so I drew only half of the pattern.

      The left side lines up with the arm holes, the bottom is a bit extra for seam allowance, and then I just extended it out horizontally to the sleeve length I wanted.

      I hope that clears that up!

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