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Finally learned button holes

Since my last post, I’ve finished off the top of the shorts and then added a button and button hole.


I ended up not learning how to use the buttonhole foot for my sewing machine. Instead I looked up a way to do it with the normal foot, and it seemed to have worked well. I used the smallest zig-zag stitch and did 2 parallel lines of close together stitches. I then finished each side with a wider zig-zag stitch. As interfacing for the back, I tried some stay tape, which was pretty much a perfect size for the button hole. It was something I bought a while back, thinking it might be useful later. Glad I did ;)

Here are the shorts now!

I’m currently working on the pockets. I’ll add belt loops whenever the belt I ordered arrives.

The button was in a pack of 3 for $1.50, which was $1.20 after 20% off. Total cost for Neku is now $17.17.

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