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I took another unintended break due to being out of town most of May and being busy in June ^^;; Time to do some catching up!

In April, I went to Anime Matsuri in my Knives Chau costume, and I also brought my DSLR. My gallery has con photos, and my Flickr gallery has photoshoot photos.

In a couple weeks, I plan on going to San Japan to take more cosplay photos. I haven’t decided if I’ll go as Knives or just go without a costume this time.

At the end of August, I plan on going to AnimeFest where we’ll hopefully debut our Spirited Away costumes. I’m starting on Chihiro’s costume for Jess, and I recently bought poplin for it:

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(slow) Zulf progress

I was originally planning to have Zulf’s costume completely done by now, but well… that hasn’t happened. Here’s where I am now, still on his jacket.

Since last post, I’ve partially lined his jacket, so that his collar shows the right material. I’ve also finished the sleeves.

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The start of Zulf

Lately, I’ve been working on our Bastion cosplays, starting with Zulf’s costume for James. I’m currently working on his jacket.

I used suede for the body of it. I still have to line the inside, add sleeves, and add the bottom skirt part. Instead of drafting my own pattern this time, I decided to alter a men’s blazer pattern. I was originally going to buy a Butterick pattern, but the fabric store didn’t have it. I got a Kwik Sew one instead.

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