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Start of Zia’s jacket

I have the base of Zia’s jacket done!

Zia - jacket base

Still left to do (on the jacket): sleeves, buttons, belt, collar. I might move onto the collar next since I have that fabric ready. (I still need to do some dyeing for the pink part of the sleeves.)

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I am terrible at dyeing fabric


I haven’t had luck finding fabric in the right color, so I had to turn to custom dyeing my own. The first was trying to get the color right for the blue/teal-ish color of Zia’s jacket.


I’m trying to decide between #1 and #5. (Or perhaps I should find something between the 2?)

Numbers 1-3 use only Teal. #1 and #2 are the same dye bath. #2 was just in there for a shorter time. #3 had twice as much Teal in it.

Numbers 4-6 use a combination of Teal and Royal Blue. #4 had equal parts Teal and Royal Blue. #5 and #6 use more Teal than Royal Blue and are from the same dye bath. #6 was in for a shorter time.

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Zia update #1

It took me a few tries, but I have some of the pattern for Zia’s jacket drafted:


I think I still need to alter the front a little and also add a couple darts to open it up at the bottom. As you can see, I forgot to adjust the length of the jacket and added more to the bottom afterwards. Now I need to figure out the sleeves and collar.

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