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Start of Zia’s jacket

I have the base of Zia’s jacket done!

Zia - jacket base

Still left to do (on the jacket): sleeves, buttons, belt, collar. I might move onto the collar next since I have that fabric ready. (I still need to do some dyeing for the pink part of the sleeves.)

Before I got to this stage, I mocked most of this up with cheapĀ muslin. I was just missing the collar and the pink pattern on the sleeves. I figured I could easily figure those out later, so I went ahead and started on the real fabric after getting this far with the mock up.

Mock up

As mentioned in my previous entry, dyeing the fabrics gave me some issues, but I eventually got them to a close enough color. The teal one came out too light the first time, so I just dyed it again. The brown one came out the wrong color the first time, so I actually used dye remover, and tried again.

Dyed fabrics

The teal color was almost all Teal, but I put in a bit of Royal Blue (I don’t remember the ratio). The brown was 4 parts Sunshine Orange to 1 part Navy.

Oh, and I lined the jacket! The brown part in the front is lined with itself, but the rest is lined with a blue broadcloth. I was just looking for something both light and thin.


(^ My floor is so messy!) At this pace, I think I can finish before PAX East. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can also finish Zulf in time for Anime Matsuri, which is the week after. I’ll still aim for it, but I still have a lot left to do =/

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