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Three more off the list

I finished three more pieces to Phi’s costume! The first is her necklace. I debated whether her necklace actually has 3 or 4 beads, but the more I looked at screenshots, the more it looked like there were two at the bottom.


I started with these beads (center of photo) I found at Jo-ann. I thought they might be a good fit for Phi’s necklace, but then I thought they were too small. I used them as a base and made them a bit bigger with Crayola Model Magic. Even though I used black clay, they became a dark gray after they dried, so I painted them with black acrylic paint.


You can see the other two components of the necklace in that photo too. The top is a pack of colored rings. They’re really like keychain rings, and I used a black one from there. The jewelry string on the right is what I used to tie it all together.

The string didn’t hold very well though, so I used hot glue to make sure the knots didn’t budge. After the glue cooled, I painted the spots with black acrylic paint.

Next is Phi’s wig! I bought the Derek in silver from Arda Wigs. This is what it looks like out of the bag:


I didn’t change it that much. The bangs just needed to be trimmed. I also used some spiking glue to keep some of the hair in place.


For the flowers, I bought these packs of daisies from Ema Jane. They’re this and this on Amazon.


The backs have clips like this, which make them easy to attach to the wig:


Both packs had a black flower, and I altered them a little. I used black acrylic paint to cover the gem in the center. I also cut off the layer of petals in the very back. I just felt there were too many petals. You can see the difference between the black ones (altered) and the purple ones (not altered).


The beads in that photo is also what I used. I cut off a section of it and tied each end to one of the flowers.


Lastly, I bought a belt for her skirt. I couldn’t find a small belt buckle to make my own, so I just bought a belt from Target. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ll wear it because it’s covered by the top all the time.


What’s left? Just a few more things!

  • Pendant
  • Boot covers
  • Watch/Bracelet

I hope to write about the pendant and boots next!

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4 Responses to “Three more off the list”

  • Jay says:

    AAAAAA me and a friend are going to be VLR and 999 Clover sunday at Afest! I’m always hyped to see Zero Escape (and twewy cough) cosplayers >8] Good luck!

  • Olivia says:

    I love how.. careful and precise you work. Unlike me, always rushing :”D You make me want to work on cosplay again! Even though I just finished one! But I need to take a little break now since it takes too much time and I have exams x_x

    • Cat says:

      haha, I have my rush moments too, especially right before a con. I was still making things the day before I left!

      I already want to make another cosplay too. This always happens after a con, but then it takes me forever to actually start on something new XD;;

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