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2014 Plans?

New year, new cosplays! Sort of… I haven’t really decided on the costumes I want to make this year XD;; There are a couple things I want to do though…

1. Make a Portal gun and better long fall blades for my Chell cosplay
Though I originally was going for her Portal 2 look, I’ve realized that I like wearing it as her Portal 1 instead. It’s mainly because it would show more details on the jumpsuit, and it’s also pretty comfy XD So, I want to re-do the long fall blades, and of course, add a Portal gun.

2. FINALLY finish our Spirited Away costumes
Seriously. These have been on the back burner for too long. Though my Haku costume is done, I’d like to re-do some things on it. I’m much better at sewing than I was a few years ago, so there are things I can improve. Then I need to finish Chihiro’s outfit and figure out something for No Face.

3. New things maybe?
I want to start on something totally new too, but I’m not sure what yet. Right now I’m eyeing Silica’s outfit from Sword Art Online. I have a friend who would be interested in cosplaying Liz from the same series, so that could be fun.

Anyway, I’ve updated my sidebar with cons I’m thinking about going too. Nothing is really set in stone yet though.

I also went to Ikkicon recently to do photoshoots. Check out my Flickr set to see previews from them!

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