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Summary: Zulf’s Skirt

There were a couple choices on my mind when making Zulf’s skirt: sew together strips of fabric or use fabric paint? In the end, I decided to sew together strips of fabric. I felt like it would look better, and I was afraid painting stripes wouldn’t look very straight.



  • Stripes = quilter’s cotton, blue and yellow
  • Lining = blue broadcloth

The Making Of…

The blue stripes were 3in and the yellow stripes were 2.5in. This includes 1/2 in of seam allowance. This means that after being sewn together, the stripes were 2in (blue) and 1.5in (yellow).

My process was…

  • cut a few stripes out
  • sew them together, alternating colors
  • press the seams open with an iron

I definitely recommend pressing open the seams. It’ll help them lie down flat.

I kept sewing them together until I had a sheet of striped fabric that was about 50in long, then I lined it with blue broadcloth.



Before sewing on the waist band, I pleated the yellow stripes.


The waist band just has an elastic band in it:


Also, when I sewed together the skirt, I left a slit in the back. I just wanted to make sure James could walk in it without problems ;)


Though the skirt took a lot of time because of the stripes, it was actually pretty easy to make. I also don’t regret going the sewing way over fabric paint. I think it does look a lot better this way!

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