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Finally starting on Zia

I’m working on my cosplays again! I’m going to PAX East this year, and though I haven’t cosplayed to it in past years, I’d like to do it this time. This means… I need to finish my Zia costume before the end of March!

I’m still drafting the pattern for her jacket. I’ve been trying to alter a pattern I found with a similar style and sleeves. In the mean time, I went ahead and finished the shirt I’ll be wearing underneath the jacket.

Zia progress

The base of the shirt is really just a normal shirt pattern but without sleeves. I followed a simple cowl neck tutorial for the collar.

The shirt is in 2 different fabrics because I didn’t have enough of the thicker ribbed fabric for the whole thing (and then it sold out). Since only the collar is supposed to show, it shouldn’t matter that the shirt and collar mismatch. I used one close to it incase some of it peeks through though.

I’m looking into fabric for the rest of Zia’s outfit, and I’m having a hard time matching colors. I guess it’s time to custom dye some ^^;; I hope to post again soon!

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  • Vivian says:

    Ahhhh, so sad I wasn’t able to get a PAX East ticket in time, especially since it’s right in my current hometown (finances were a bit tough earlier this year). Hope you have a great time!

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