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Bastion photoshoot

James and I did a photoshoot of our Bastion costumes with Ed Martinez at A-kon! They came out great, so check them out on my Zia page :D Here’s a few of my favorites:


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Zia and Zulf – completed jackets

Tada! I finished both jackets for Zia and Zulf!



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Zulf – jacket progress

You might be wondering… what happened to the sleeves?


I mentioned before that because I used a blazer pattern, there wasn’t much movement around the armpit area. I think I figured out how I want to fix it, but it involves remaking the sleeve, so I took them off. Unfortunately, I don’t have anymore yellow twill, so I’ll have to go to the fabric store this weekend.

Other than that set back… I’m getting pretty close on finishing Zulf’s jacket! Here are some close ups of what I did recently.

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