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The start of McCree

Now for something different! While I’m working on my Tashigi cosplay, I’m also helping a friend make his first cosplay, which is McCree in his Blackwatch skin.

We started by making a pattern for his armor. I covered my friend in saran wrap, then in painter’s tape, and I drew the armor pattern on top of that. After we cut it out, we traced the pattern onto some pattern paper.

We cut the major pieces out of anti-fatigue foam, and the backing is 2mm craft foam. The thicker pieces are glued onto the craft foam, which holds them all together as one piece.

The next step is to cover them in thermoplastic! Though I’ve used Worbla in the past, I’ve decided that we should try out Thibra this time around. So far, I feel like Worbla is easier to use, but Thibra has a nice, smooth texture. I’ll find out more when we cover the armor in it!

We also worked on a few of the props. For the flash bangs, we used 1.5 inch PVC pipe and covered the ends with caps. Then we just spray painted them with metallic silver paint. We still have a bit of work to do on them.

The gun is a Nerf gun, which we’ve just spray painted black so far. We will be painting on top of it with gray later.

We still have so much to go! I’m hoping to finish my Tashigi cosplay soon, so I can dedicate more time to McCree. Next entry will show my latest Tashigi progress. (I’m almost done with the coat!)

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