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Phi’s pendant

While I was shopping at Jo-ann, I was in the jewelry section and saw this pendant. It was actually broken, such that the face was detached from the metal looking part. That’s when I thought, PERFECT! I only wanted the face part anyway!


So, I bought it and then traced the face part on some paper. I sketched the rest of the pendant around it as a guide of what I wanted to make.


Next was making some sort of framework to keep the pieces together. I used metal jewelry wire, transparent jewelry string, and hot glue and made it match up with my drawing.


I used Crayola Model Magic for the pendant parts and wrapped the clay around the jewelry wire. I tried to make all 3 pieces at once, but they stuck together as I was working. I had to start over and do one piece at a time, starting with the big oval at the top and making sure it dried before moving to the next piece.


After it dried, I felt it looked too bright. I mixed some metallic gray paint with white paint and painted over the clay, so that it’d be a light gray.


Last thing was to put a pin backing on it! I just used hot glue to put it in place.


And here is the finished result!


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