The start of Neku

My first post! This is also the start of a new costume, Neku of The World Ends With You.

This costume is a lot of firsts for me. First time crossplaying, first time spiking a wig, first time making shoe covers, and…

…first time making shorts. All of my past costumes were dresses/skirts or I bought a pair of shorts and altered them. I’ve never actually made my own pair before. I decided to tackle this part first. Fabric of choice is Gabardine. I actually just had 2 yards of it laying around, left over from a costume that I dropped. I think it’s a good choice for shorts since it’s commonly used for suits and trousers. For a white fabric, it’s not that see through either.


Using one of my boyfriend’s shorts for reference and one of my athletic shorts for size, I created this pattern:


I increased the width and length of it to make it longer and more baggy. I was planning on cutting and sewing some of it already, when I realized that I somehow don’t have a single spool of white thread. Until next time then!

The cost of the Gabardine was $5.99/yd. With 2 yards, that comes out to be $11.98. I had a 50% off coupon though, thus the cost toward this costume so far is: $5.99.


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